Community Food Distribution Project FAQ

What are your distribution hours and locations?


We are distributing food from 12 locations throughout Northampton, in collaboration with Grow Food Northampton and Community Action Pioneer Valley, as well as in the hilltowns.

  • On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, food is available from 12 – 3 pm outside Jackson Street School at 120 Jackson St. As of Monday, Aug. 10, distribution for those days will return to 265 Prospect St. with the same hours. 
  • On Tuesdays, food is available from 11 am to noon for members of the Pioneer Valley Workers Center and residents of four housing sites: Hampshire Heights, Florence Heights, Meadowbrook Apartments, and The Lumber Yard.
  • On Thursdays, food is available mid-day through the six senior housing sites, delivered directly to your door by NHA or Michael’s House staff: McDonald House, Michael’s House, Walter Salvo House, Forsander Apartments, Cahill Apartments, and Tobin Manor.


Hilltown Pantry – Serves Chesterfield, Goshen, Huntington, Middlefield, Plainfield, Westhampton, Williamsburg
Goshen Town Hall, Route 9, Goshen

Wednesdays from 1 – 3 pm

R.H. Conwell Elementary SchoolTemporary Pantry open during the pandemic
Serves only residents of Worthington and Cummington
Route 112, Worthington
Call 413-238-1999 to reserve bags for pick up on Thursdays from 1 – 1:30 pm

What will it be like?

​People tell us that it is easy, and that the people they talk to are nice.  We try to make it as comfortable an experience for clients as possible. Not only will the system be efficient and safely socially distant, but you will also receive service with a smile. Everyone wears a mask, and you’ll be able to stay in your car. You can also come by foot, so long as you stay distant from others.

I need to stay home, because of medical condition.  Can someone come for me?

Yes, you can have someone come for you!  Just be sure they can tell us your name and address, and how many people are in your family.

Is it possible for the food to be delivered?

If you live in one of the residential complexes served by our mobile pantry in collaboration with Grow Food Northampton, you may be eligible for doorstep delivery. Follow this link for more information.

What do I have to bring with me?

You don’t need to bring any paperwork.  We will ask you where you live, and how many people are in your household.  That’s it.

How long will it take?

The slowest time is at the beginning, and you might wait for 30 minutes or more in your car if you come at noon.  By 1 pm it’s smoother sailing, with very little waiting.  We have a volunteer directing traffic, so it will be clear what to do.

What will I get?

During a typical visit, every member of the household will get a bag containing some mix of proteins (canned meat or beans), grains (rice or pasta), fruits, vegetables, tomato products, and soup.  Each household also gets an additional bag that can include an assortment of things like cereal, cooking oil, spices, juice, jam, nuts, pancake mix, and peanut butter.  And then there are refrigerated items like meat, eggs, milk, and cheese, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and sometimes an extra like burritos from Bueno Y Sano.  And we try to include a roll of toilet paper or a bar of soap at each visit too!

I’m sure there are people who need it more than me.  If I come will there be less for them?

We have enough for everyone. Our whole community is pitching in to make sure no one is hungry or worried about having enough food. Please don’t hesitate to come if you need help.

How often can I come?

You can come see us every week. It doesn’t need to be the same day every week.

I don’t live in Northampton, so I don’t think I should come.

You don’t have to live in Northampton to receive our services.  We serve people in these 18 communities:

  • Chesterfield
  • Cummington
  • Easthampton
  • Florence
  • Goshen
  • Hadley
  • Hatfield
  • Haydenville
  • Huntington
  • Leeds
  • Middlefield
  • Northampton
  • Plainfield
  • South Hadley
  • Southampton
  • Westhampton
  • Williamsburg
  • Worthington

If you don’t live in one of these places, here are some phone numbers for places that may be able to help.

  • Amherst Survival Center – 413-549-3968
  • Deerfield Brown Bag – 413-665-2141
  • Easthampton Community Center – 413-527-5240
  • Good Neighbors Food Pantry — 9785443775
  • Holyoke Food Pantry – 413-233-0524
  • Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen and Pantry – 413-592-9528
  • Southampton Community Cupboard – 413-527-1173

If you find that you are not eligible for any of these services, please visit www.foodbankwma.org to see which food distribution programs you are eligible for.

How do I know it’s safe when there are so many people?

We are doing our utmost best to ensure that food distribution is done in a safe, socially-distanced way. We have been refining the system over a number of weeks to make sure it is as efficient as possible with the lowest number of volunteers possible. Everyone is vetted to make sure they aren’t exhibiting symptoms before they come into work, and clients only get out of their car to load their groceries at a distance from staff and volunteers, and then leave.



We are pleased to announce that food distribution on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays will be returning to 265 Prospect St as of Monday, Aug. 10.  Food will be available for all Northampton Survival Center clients and eligible new clients experiencing food insecurity.



Nos complace informarles que tendremos nuevos puntos de distribución de alimentos a partir del lunes 6 de abril en Northampton. Se hará disponible la entrega de alimentos a clientes del Northampton Survival Center y a personas admisibles que estén pasando por un período de inseguridad alimentaria.


PDF con detalles completos


see details of our new food distribution system here.


We are so grateful to this loving community that is responding to this crisis with an outpouring of concern and generosity.  Here are some answers to the most common questions:

How can I help?  What can I buy you?

What we most need right now are financial donations – online or via the mail. We are rapidly building a new distribution system across the city and in the hilltowns to serve clients in 18 Hampshire County communities. Your financial donation affords us the most flexibility as we adapt to meet the need as it grows.

Please join us with a financial donation here.

Can I donate food or gift cards for you to distribute to clients?

Thank you for this question, but, as stated above, financial donations are preferred. We do not have staff available on site to accept donations of anything at this time.

My restaurant is closing and I’d like to donate food

First, our condolences that your business is being affected in this way, and we thank you for reaching out to help others given what you’re coping with.

Please send an email to Sarah to discuss your donation and how we might connect it to the programs we’re developing.


As operations return to 265 Prospect St., there are ways for a small number of volunteers to help with our new methods of food distribution. If you are an existing volunteer who would like details on how to help, please reach out to Diane for more specifics.

If you would like to offer your services as a new volunteer at this time, please also feel free to email Diane Drohan, our Volunteer Coordinator, to express an interest. Please feel free to be specific about your availability and skill set (heavy lifting, driving a truck, etc.) While you may not receive a reply email during this busy phase, we thank you for adding your name to this list.

IMPORTANTLY: Please be vigilant in keeping social distances and not volunteering for work if you or someone you’re in close contact with is sick in any way. We’ll be grateful for your help in not allowing germs to spread among us as we work together for our clients.

Can I volunteer from afar? 

Yes, if you are on social media and want to like and share our Facebook posts within your network, that helps us get our message out.  Staying in touch with us by social media also means you’ll know when our needs or our news changes over time.

Send us words of encouragement.  If you had a good experience at the Center or think we’re doing a good job, letting us know gives us a nice boost.


Below is a list of community resources you may find helpful:


People in our community are reaching out in unprecedented numbers to offer support, sign up to volunteer, make donations, and make sure that our vulnerable clients are getting the help they need.  It’s a wonderful thing to see how much we can care for each other, even in the midst of a global crisis. Here are some quotes from volunteers and observers over recent weeks

  • “I can’t tell you how different and good I felt after volunteering yesterday at the Northampton Survival Center. For the first time since the coronavirus havoc I spent more than 2 hours doing something that wasn’t about me. Together with another volunteer while breaking down the boxes that accumulated between 1-3 I was really struck by the huge amount of food that was given away… to clients who are making decisions more difficult than any I have to make I’m sure. Thank you for the opportunity to do something good in my community.” ~ a volunteer
  • ” I have been concerned about the clients- and staff and volunteers. I value all of you who are carrying on to bring – more needed than ever – nourishment to the most vulnerable.” ~ a volunteer
  • “Thanks for the wonderful work you all do, and for approaching our new, ever changing reality with such energy, determination and creativity.” ~ a community member looking to volunteer
  • “I had such fun yesterday and felt helpful.  What a brilliant operation you have going!  When could you use my help again this week?” ~ a new volunteer
  • “Superheroes in disguise and they appear to be enjoying themselves.” ~ a Google Review


While our building is closed to the public, email is the most reliable way to reach us. Please use the contact form listed here or see the staff page for individual contact information.

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