You can create your legacy and ensure the future of the Northampton Survival Center by continuing your support of the Center with a gift through your estate and becoming a Legacy Donor.

Investing in an organization you believe in, your future bequest gift will sustain the support of families throughout Hampshire County in building better lives for themselves and their children. As a Legacy Donor, your impact of providing emergency food to those who need it most and ensuring access to basic nutrition for every person in our community lives on.

There are many ways to make a bequest to the Northampton Survival Center.  Some are simple, like remembering the Survival Center in your will or trust, or naming the Center as a beneficiary—in whole or in part—of a retirement account, life insurance policy, or other estate plan.  Please consult with your own attorney or financial planner to discuss your specific estate plans and questions.

Wills or Trusts

Gifts in your will or trust are relatively simple to establish and relatively simple to change at any time, should you need to.  When you include the Center among your loved ones, you make a clear statement that improving the lives of individuals and families in Hampshire County is important to you.  Moreover, a gift to charity by bequest may provide your estate beneficial tax deductions and could save on transfer taxes at either the state or federal level.

When you decide to include the Survival Center in your will, be sure to use the full legal name–The Northampton Survival Center.

“I give to THE NORTHAMPTON SURVIVAL CENTER in Northampton, Massachusetts, Tax ID# 04-2774166   (___% of my residuary estate) or (all of my residuary estate) or (the sum of $                ) to be used for the benefit of The Northampton Survival Center as the Board of Directors thereof may direct.”

Retirement Accounts

Retirement assets can be among the most tax-efficient ways to make a bequest to the Survival Center.  When retirement assets pass to non-spouse beneficiaries, they can be highly taxed; yet no tax is incurred when passing to a qualified charity.  Simply name the Northampton Survival Center as a beneficiary for whatever percentage amount you are comfortable with.

If an abbreviated text is necessary on beneficiary forms, please use:

THE NORTHAMPTON SURVIVAL CENTER in Northampton, Massachusetts,
Tax ID# 04-2774166


Contact your bank or brokerage account and instruct them to “pay on death” to the Northampton Survival Center, a percentage or all of a specific bank account.

 Please contact Heidi through email or at (413) 586-6564 to discuss giving by bequest.