Grocery Package

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been our highest priority to keep our clients, volunteers, and staff safe. This means we had to make the decision to hand out pre-made grocery packages. Clients are still being provided with a wide array of nutritious food and we have worked hard to choose things that most people can use.

Outdoor Distribution

To see how our drive-thru distribution system is working, please watch this instructional video.

USDA Program

The Center serves as a distribution point for free food from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which provides an assortment of healthy foods that eligible families receive in addition to the regular package of groceries. The number and type of items vary frequently, so in some months it may be a large bag of food and in some months only one or two items. USDA foods are available from both our Northampton and Goshen locations.

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