FAQs About Donating

The Northampton Survival Center could not survive without community support, and we thank you in advance for your generosity. If you don’t find your question answered below, please don’t hesitate to call us at 586-6564.

What can I donate?

Financial contributions are always accepted, and can be dropped off anytime. When we’re not there, our locking mail box provides a safe and secure place to make a financial donation.

We also accept donations of non-perishable food, unopened toiletries, and reusable bags.

If the item you wish to donate is not listed above, we are not accepting it at this time.

Do you still take clothing?

We discontinued our clothing program on February 15, 2019 and are no longer accepting clothing donations.

If you have clothing to donate, please consider the following places:

Goodwill in Northampton (413-320-4911)
Salvation Army in Hadley (413-582-0403)
Hospice Shop in Northampton (413-586-0193)
Cancer Connection Thrift Shop in Northampton (413-587-9999)
The Village Closet, 2 Main St., Cummington (413-650-3640) (children’s and maternity clothing)

FAQ’s About Volunteering

Can children under 18 years of age volunteer?

Because most volunteer work is done during school hours, with many jobs involving client interaction, the vast majority of volunteer opportunities are filled by adults. In addition, the Center’s environment is a very busy and active one. With minimum supervision, volunteers need to be independent and self-directed.

We always welcome and encourage youth to help the Center in other ways including:

  • Host a food or toiletry drive in your neighborhood
  • Have a birthday celebration, asking guests to donate to the Center
  • Participate in our “Subtle Savings” program by collecting loose change in a jar to be donated when full

Can I fulfill court-appointed community service hours through the Survival Center?

We have limited spots for volunteers who need to fulfill their community service requirement at the Northampton Survival Center. All potential volunteers need to fill out a volunteer application and join us for an orientation. Then together we will assess the number of community hours you need and by when, your availability and interests, and the current job availability at the Center to explore whether the fulfillment of your hours can be achieved at the Center. Please check the orientation schedule and contact Diane Drohan to let her know which session you’d like to attend.

Can groups volunteer together?

Nearly all of our volunteer opportunities require training and a subsequent commitment to either a weekly shift or to substituting on an ongoing basis. Therefore, there are not regular opportunities for group volunteering at the Center.

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