In Memoriam – Wilmot Hastings

CUMMINGTON, MA — Wilmot “Wil” Hastings, born on May 29, 1935 in Swampscott, Massachusetts, was a renowned figure in law, land conservation, and a cherished family man. An alumnus of Harvard College and Harvard Law, he established an exceptional career as a legal counsel and editor for Harvard Law Review. He served in various government roles under U.S. Attorney General Elliott Richardson, later returning to corporate practice at Bingham, Dana, and Gould. He retired early at 55, focusing on poetry, social advancement, and supporting local institutions.

Married to Joan Loomis in 1958, they had three children: Reed, Melissa, and Claire. Following Joan’s death, he shared a 12-year partnership with Antonia Lake. Despite career successes, Hastings remained frugal and charitable, donating generously to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and others.

In retirement, he founded Hilltown Land Trust, securing over 1,000 acres, and was a key figure in the rebuilding of the West Cummington Congregational Church. His later years were filled with poetry, selfevolution, and philanthropy. Hastings passed away on July 3, 2023, leaving a lasting legacy in his community and in the hearts of his loved ones.