Welcome to Pantry Fresh, a program of the Northampton Survival Center modeled after popular meal kit services! Every month, clients can pick up a prepackaged meal prep kit that contains a recipe and the ingredients to make it. Anyone who wants to cook along with us can find the recipes right here on our website.

If you take photos or videos while you’re prepping and cooking, we’d love to see them! Email Alexander so we can share your creations on our social media profiles and/or website. (Include your Instagram handle if you’d like to be tagged!)

Cheese and Bean Pupusas

A delicious corn flour hand pie filled with cheese and beans.

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Roasted Potato Salad

Served warm or cold, this refreshing salad is a healthy vegetarian meal for at home or on the go!

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Pear and Walnut Cornbread

An easy and delicious breakfast, snack, or treat!

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Moroccan Stew

Try this hearty combination of spices, veggies, and nuts in our vegetarian (or meat filled) Moroccan Stew recipe!

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Baked Salmon Patties

These tasty baked salmon patties are seasoned with Old Bay and ready to pair with roasted potatoes and greens for a whole meal.

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