Passalongs Farms & Florist feature fundraising bouquet for the Northampton Survival Center

This month’s Passalongs Farm and Florist fundraiser bouquet will benefit The Northampton Survival Center!

Purchase a bouquet for pickup or delivery today!

All profits from sale of these bouquets will go directly to support The Northampton Survival Center! As I’m sure you’re aware, The Northampton Survival Center provides food and other services to tons of folks in Hampshire County!

To learn more about the WHY behind the Fundraiser Bouquet program please read this post.

Here are the guidelines for this month’s fundraiser:

  • Purchase of the bouquets are open July 17-23 ONLY.
  • Bouquets will be delivered (or picked up at the farm) Friday, August 12 ONLY. We will send a reminder email about pick-ups.
  • Bouquet design is designer’s choice, but will feature summer flowers (very likely including dahlias!) and other colorful blooms in a glass vase.
  • If giving a gift, please be sure to include recipient’s address and phone number when you order!