Sarah Pease: Grateful for outpouring of generosity

Published: 5/18/2023 4:44:53 PM

Dear Northampton Community: It was such a joy to have the annual Letter Carriers Food Drive back this year and to see the outpouring of generosity from across the community. People support the Northampton Survival Center in many ways and for many reasons — perhaps they have experienced food insecurity themselves, perhaps they want to live in a community where everyone has enough to eat, or perhaps it just makes them feel good to help other people. Whatever the reason, they are giving without knowing who exactly is going to benefit from their gift and trusting that we will get food to those who are in need.

People who receive food from our pantry are also here for many reasons — perhaps they have had an injury that keeps them from working, perhaps they aren’t receiving enough in social security to keep up with inflation, or perhaps they have lost a job and just need support until they are able to get back on their feet. Whatever the reason, people trust that when they come to us for food, it will be here for them — and it is.

Whether you are currently someone who is able to donate food or time or money or you are currently someone who is in need of some help, you are a beloved member of this community and it is my pleasure to live in this beautiful place with you. I am so fortunate to work at the Northampton Survival Center which allows me the joy of connecting tangible donations with tangible need and seeing the trust and gratitude on all sides. Thank you Northampton!

Sarah Pease, Program Director
Northampton Survival Center