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Northampton Survival Center - Northampton MA
Northampton Survival Center
265 Prospect Street
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-6564
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COVID-19 Distribution Hours
Mondays: 2 pm – 6 pm
Wednesdays: 12 pm – 3 pm
Fridays: 12 pm – 3 pm

Goshen Pantry - Goshen MA
Hilltown Food Pantry
40 Main Street
Goshen, MA 01032
(413) 268-7578
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COVID-19 Distribution Hours
Wednesdays: 12 pm – 3 pm


Food Distribution

Since COVID-19 hit the U.S. hard in March of 2020, we have made significant changes to operations at the Center. Clients should know that we have temporarily suspended the “choice” program in order to keep the Northampton Survival Center community safe. Clients get food via our new outdoor distribution system and should aim to come weekly since the “monthly/weekly” system is no longer used and clients will get approximately the same amount of food each time they come.

Outdoor Distribution

Our Northampton and Goshen locations are currently operating on an outdoor distribution system, allowing us to distribute food in a safe manner for clients, staff, and volunteers. People tell us that it is easy, and that the people they talk to are nice.  We try to make it as comfortable an experience for clients as possible. Not only is the system efficient and socially distant, but you will also receive service with a smile. Everyone wears a mask, and you’ll be able to stay in your car. You can also come by foot, so long as you stay distant from others. The video above shows the current process and what you should expect at our Northampton Pantry.

The slowest time is at the beginning, and you might wait for 30 minutes or more in your car during this time.  After the first hour it’s smoother sailing, with very little waiting.  We have a volunteer directing traffic, so it will be clear what to do. You can come see us every week. It doesn’t need to be the same day every week.

Grocery Package

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been our highest priority to keep our clients, volunteers, and staff safe. This means we had to make the decision to hand out pre-made grocery packages. Clients are still being provided with a wide array of nutritious food and we have worked hard to choose things that most people can use.

During a typical visit, every member of the household will get a bag containing some mix of proteins (canned meat or beans), grains (rice or pasta), fruits, vegetables, tomato products, and soup. Each household also gets an additional bag that can include an assortment of things like cereal, cooking oil, spices, juice, jam, nuts, pancake mix, and peanut butter. Then there are refrigerated items like meat, eggs, milk, and cheese, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and sometimes an extra. We also try to include a roll of toilet paper or a bar of soap at each visit too!

Am I Eligible?

Residential Requirements

You don’t need to bring any paperwork.  We will ask you where you live, and how many people are in your household.  That’s it. In addition to meeting our financial guidelines, clients must also live in one of our eighteen service communities. Click here to see a Map of Communities Served.


South Hadley

*Clients living in these ten hilltowns have the option of visiting our Hilltown Pantry in Goshen, MA instead of our location in Northampton, MA. Clients may choose whichever location is more convenient for them; however, they must choose one.

Income Eligibility

While we are not a government agency, we follow the eligibility guidelines set by the USDA.

# of People In Household Annual Gross Income Monthly Gross Income Weekly Gross Income
1 $23,107 $1,926 $445
2 $31,284 $2,607 $602
3 $39,461 $3,289 $759
4 $47,638 $3,970 $917
5 $55,815 $4,562 $1,074
6 $63,992 $5,333 $1,231
7 $72,169 $6,015 $1,388
8 $80,346 $6,696 $1,546
Add $8,177 $682 $158 per additional person


Sign Up for Food

Anyone is welcome to call or show up during distribution hours to sign up for our food program. You may also fill out the inquiry form below and one of our staff will get back to you to discuss our programs and your eligibility.

General Questions: Contact Us or call 413-586-6564
Food Program Inquiries: Contact Sarah Pease, Program Director
Food Delivery Inquiries: Contact Carolina Dellepiane, Program Coordinator (Habla Español)
Online Food Inquiry (Google Form): Click Here

Additional Resources

While we make an important contribution to the health and well being of our clients, we know we can only do so much. Visit our Community Resources page for additional Food, Housing, Health, Personal Safety & Legal Aid, Fuel & Utilities Assistance, Education & Job Training, Senior Services, and Veteran’s Assistance resources.

If you don’t live in one of our communities, here are some phone numbers for places that may be able to help.

  • Amherst Survival Center – 413-549-3968
  • Deerfield Brown Bag – 413-665-2141
  • Easthampton Community Center – 413-527-5240
  • Good Neighbors Food Pantry — 9785443775
  • Holyoke Food Pantry – 413-233-0524
  • Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen and Pantry – 413-592-9528
  • Southampton Community Cupboard – 413-527-1173

If you find that you are not eligible for any of these services, please visit www.foodbankwma.org to see which food distribution programs you are eligible for.


How do I know it’s safe when there are so many people?

We are doing our best to ensure that food distribution is done in a safe, socially-distanced way. Our system is as efficient as possible while utilizing the lowest number of volunteers. Our volunteers follow the same masked protocols as other public agencies and are vetted to make sure they aren’t exhibiting symptoms before they come into work. Clients only get out of their car to load their groceries at a distance from staff and volunteers, and then leave. Our goal is to provide a safe, efficient, curbside pickup system.

I need to stay home, because of medical condition.  Can someone come for me?

Yes, you can have someone come for you!  Just be sure they can tell us your name and address, and how many people are in your household.

Is it possible for the food to be delivered?

If you live in one of the residential complexes served by our mobile pantry in collaboration with Grow Food Northampton, you may be eligible for doorstep delivery. Follow this link for more information.

I’m sure there are people who need it more than me.  If I come will there be less for them?

We have enough for everyone. Our whole community is pitching in to make sure no one is hungry or worried about having enough food. Please don’t hesitate to come if you need help.

How often can clients come?

Generally, our package of groceries is picked up by clients once a month. Depending on the particular circumstances of a household, some clients may pick up groceries more frequently. Clients will know after meeting with a staff person in the office how often they can come. All clients are welcome to come to the Center once a week in order to select bread and fresh produce as available.

When is the best time to come?

Because clients can choose any day within a month to pick up food, we cannot predict which days will be busier than others. However, the first days and the last days of the month are often the busiest. On any day, clients should be prepared to share our space with others and wait to be served by our volunteers. We encourage clients to consider picking up food during the second half of any shift, which is often a less busy time.

What if clients arrive before the pantry is open?

We encourage clients to arrive at the pantry only during our hours for food distribution and not to arrive early. The pantry opens and closes on schedule every day, so if clients choose to arrive early, they will not be able to come into the building.

What do clients need to bring?

Every time clients come to pick up food, even if they have been here before, they should bring proof of address and proof of children.

Proof of Address can be a license, utility bill, rent receipt, or anything with the clients name and current address on it.

Proof of Children can be anything which shows that the child is living in the client’s household – for example, a current health card, or a piece of mail from school with the child’s name and address. If a client isn’t sure what to bring, we can help them figure it out on their first visit.

The City of Northampton Single Use Plastic Bag Ban went into effect on January 1, 2016.  Clients are encouraged to bring their own cloth or other type of bags.  The Center frequently has cardboard boxes available for carrying groceries.

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