We will be taking donations from community members starting June 22, 2021

Donation Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 PM – 3 PM
At our Donation Door with the Carrot

Please use the phone outside the Donation Door to reach a volunteer, who will help process your donation during these hours.

We accept donations of unopened and undamaged non-perishable food. Please contact info@northamptonsurvival.org if you have questions about what you can and cannot donate.

Please do not leave donations outside of the building if we are not open. Most food left this way will be thrown away. Please make sure you donate during our open hours to avoid additional waste and to ensure we can utilize the donation to help our community.

It’s important to avoid coming during any other times, when driveway access, warehouse use, and personnel availability are still limited. We request that you call ahead if you have a large (food drive size) donation, or to ask if we’re able to accept a donation of fresh produce.

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