UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we have suspended volunteer orientations for the foreseeable future. Please keep an eye on the website for any changes to this. If you have volunteered before and wish to come back, please email Diane at diane@northamptonsurvival.org.


The Northampton Survival Center’s dedicated volunteer community plays an integral role in our 42 year success providing food and other resource referrals to low-income individuals and families. Our Volunteer Program is a strong and growing tradition and could not continue without the contributions and dedication of our volunteers. Each weekday, volunteers help between 25 and 50 families as they select their food, produce and personal care items.

Additional volunteer opportunities include stocking our food pantry shelves, conducting quality control on community donated food, picking up donations from retail shops, shopping at the Food Bank and facilitating pantry functions such as packing food for home deliveries and taking orders for drive-up clients. Some of these tasks occur during pantry hours (Mondays 2pm-6pm, Wednesdays and Fridays 12pm-3pm) while others are completed in the hours before pantry opens. The majority of volunteer opportunities are filled by adults, with a few shifts available for high school students.

Currently we have 90 volunteers each week complete the many tasks that ensure our clients receive the food they need, with dignity and respect. Many of our volunteers hold weekly two-hour shifts,  others serve as substitutes. All of our volunteers willingness to help makes a tremendous difference in the lives of many.

Volunteer opportunities are available Monday from 9am-6pm, and Tuesday through Friday from 9am-4pm.

For more information about volunteering and to find out how you can help, click here to email Diane.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering.

Orientation Session: The First Step

If you’d like to learn more about volunteering at the Northampton Survival Center, the first step is to attend an orientation, which takes about an hour. You will tour the facility and receive an overview of the Center’s program and all the ways in which volunteers help to fulfill the Center’s mission.

Upcoming orientation sessions: There are no volunteer orientations scheduled at this time due to COVID-19.


Listen to what volunteering at the Center is all about by clicking here.

Top ten reasons for volunteering at the Northampton Survival Center

  1. Meet great people who share your commitment to helping others.

  2. Get satisfaction from helping people directly with one of life’s basic needs.

  3. See the relief and appreciation on the faces of people whom you are helping. 

  1. Help out a terrific organization, run by caring, devoted and capable people. 

  1. It’s fun! 

  1. Helping those in need makes you appreciate everything you have in your life. 

  1. Volunteering is a great way to “give back” to the community. 

  1. Volunteering at the NSC is a terrific break from your usual routine, job, home, life, etc. 

  1. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself. 

  1. Volunteering with a group of people who are focused on the same thing makes you feel a part of a team for good!

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